Can I make payments to purchase one of the original pieces?

Yes. Let's set up a payment arrangement. Please email me at jowarnise@gmail.com with your contact information and the art you are interested in.

Do you sell prints?

Yes. If you're interested in custom size other what's than listed in the item description, please email me at jowarnise@gmail.com.

Please note that I do not reproduce prints that are larger than the original artwork.

Do you accept private commissions?

When time allows, I am happy to accept commissions that pair well with my style.

Unfortunately due to timing constraints, I rarely take on personal requests. 

How can I purchase a painting on I saw on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter, but it's not in the shop?

Please email me at jowarnise@gmail.com with the title and/or description of the art you're interested in. 

The piece you're interested in may not be completed yet or I may not have gotten a chance to add it to my shop. 

Why do you use so much blue in your art?

I often use blue because it gives rise to both contrasting feelings such as depression and peace. The blue figures I paint are a concept of duality representing seemingly opposite or contrary forces that may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent of one another, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. 

Can I return purchased art/merchandise?

All purchases are final. In an event that the art or merchandise arrives damaged, I will be happy to repair or replace it once proof of damage is received. Please email me at jowarnise@gmail.com.

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