Artist Statement

When I create art in the classical forms of painting and drawing, it is in hopes to inspire those who see my work to challenge the boundaries of social constructs, to look more carefully at people around them with compassionate understanding, and to discover others' individualistic beauty and value beyond convention. 

To analyze our common human experiences, I paint figurative portraits against densely patterned backgrounds. My art takes a critical view of social and cultural issues. In response to a historical disregard and utter lack of wholistic representation, I often reference the African American feminine, which I believe to be an enduring vessel for exploration of the human condition. 

Because of the respectable, robust African American feminine influences in my life, it is important to me to present the feminine in a way that does not separate sensuality and beauty from intelligence and significance. I paint as a means to navigate aspects of my own identity and explore the human condition. 

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